Complete Family Health Insurance Program

Long-term care insurance, disability, health, vision and dental are available.  Get a Free health insurance pricing quote.



Health Coverage Overview

We want to make sure you and your family stays healthy.  With the rising costs of medical care and prescriptions, coverage is more important than ever. Whether your family is large or small, P&P Insurance Agency has a Health Insurance policy for you.


Basic Health Insurance Coverage

  • Health / Dental / Vision:  We offer health insurance plans for both individuals and families.
  • Disability:  If you become disabled, disability income insurance can help replace a portion of lost earnings, provide return-to-work benefits and/or help protect the ability to make retirement contributions.
  • Long Term Care Insurance:  Long term care can range from assistance in performing basic activities of daily living to highly skilled medical care in a controlled environment. Because the risk of needing long term care increases with age, it is important to plan for your care needs now, while you are younger and healthier. Long term care insurance helps you pay for the long term care services you may require. Without coverage, the major costs associated with these services have the potential to deplete an individual's or family's financial resources.

Plans Offered:

  • Co-Pay
  • Health Savings Acco
  • UNT Qualified
  • Short-term 1 to 12 Months

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